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Retirement Savings: Success Stories


“Advanced Financial Independence Group has been handling my wife’s and my retirement plans for about 15 years. Prior to that, my long term savings or investment plan was growing taxable and the portfolio was exposed to volatility. Our retirement plan is on schedule to double my retirement income on a tax-free basis, without the normal volatility and risk that we had before..."


"I have been doing business with Advanced Financial Independence Group for about 20 years now. The honesty and integrity that I have experienced in that time, has been unparalleled. I was originally saving for retirement like most Americans today by trying to max out my 401K and put additional money into a brokerage account. All of my investments were vulnerable to..."


"I have been working with Advanced Financial Independence Group for 11 years now. We started working together in 2002 and even though we went through the worst decade of the S&P history, Advanced Financial Independence Group was able to triple the value of my IRA. In addition, he put me into an Advanced IUL which is on target to double my retirement income in 12 years..."

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