Johnny  Weeks

Johnny Weeks

Junior Investment Manager

The financial markets and portfolio management are my biggest passions. I graduated from the University of Hawaii with a bachelors degree in Economics and a minor in Business. I am a self-motivated individual dedicated to becoming a professional in the financial sector. My greatest strengths include: verbal and written communication skills, critical thinking, patience, and decision-making.

My time being an athlete in college and professionally gave me valuable life lessons. A busy schedule with strict meeting times challenged me to be efficient and utilize my time wisely. After dedicating my entire life to playing baseball, I was eventually released by the Phillies but do not regret taking the opportunity. Without all the experiences and people that have helped me along the way I would not be the person I am today.

I am now dedicating my time to become a professional in a different career path. Finance has always been my next biggest passion and I intend to make a career in this field moving forward.