Jill  Sousa

Jill Sousa

Life Insurance Agent

When people ask me what I do for a living, I giggle a little, wanting to respond with... “Well, let’s see here… I’m a, a housekeeper, a made-to-order chef, a family therapist, a referee, a laundry machine operator, a taxi-driver, a finance manager, a gardener, a personal shopper, a hairstylist, an animal care-taker, a horse trainer. . . . and a teacher, writing instructor, and tutor.” So why in the world would I want to add a single thing more to that list? The answer is simple . . . I want to help protect families like yours.

And, thus it’s official. In addition to “crazy bird lady,” I can now formally add, “licensed life insurance agent” to my list. Having worked with my husband and his father for the past five years helping them write educational materials for the family life insurance business, I discovered it was time to get my life insurance license as well. My hope is that I can help teach people how they can protect their families . . . especially those with stay-at-home moms and who depend on the income of their husbands. I know we don’t like to think about it, but what if something happened to our spouses? Would we be financially stable without that income? I’d like to make sure that we are.

In addition to traditional term life insurance, I have also learned how the right type of permanent cash value life insurance can be used as a tax-free investment strategy to provide families with access to more money with less market volatility. Although this strategy has been used for over 100 years by some of the most successful people we know, I've discovered the importance of having the strategy properly designed and managed. I look forward to helping families learn how they can protect and grow their family legacy.