Retirement Income Shield

Get your

Schedule a complimentary 20-minute phone call to create a retirement income plan that can provide you with the peace of mind of a guaranteed income, an emergency fund for unexpected events such as long term care, and an opportunity to enhance your legacy through the upward growth in the markets.

Principle Protection

Get your own principle protection plan. We can help you determine the amount of guaranteed income you will need to cover your necessary expenses during retirement. 

Social Security

Optimize your social security for you and your spouse. Protect your social security from income tax and extend your net spendable income by up to 7 years.

Tax Reduction Strategy

Reduce or eliminate income tax during retirement. You can also protect your legacy from the future of rising tax rates. 

Emergency Fund

Create an emergency fund to protect your retirement income, your spouse's income and even your heirs from unexpected expenses, such as long term care.

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