Individual Financial Wellness Program

Empower your employees with a financial wellness program.  

Financial wellness, put simply, is the ability to have a healthy financial life. It means your debts are payable and you have ample emergency, college and retirement funds. You’re well prepared to handle any financial crisis.

The bottom line is that financial wellness is about feeling good about your financial health now and in the future. 

If your employer offers a wellness program, embrace it. It’s one of the best fringe benefits to come along in a generation. Don’t have one? Ask your employer to start one.

Otherwise, you can access these benefits individually through our individual memberships.

Our experts help individuals through one-on-one planning, educational webinars, and on-demand consulting. 

Your Certified Financial Trainer will work with you to tackle the following:


Once you know what you're working toward, your motivation will skyrocket. We'll help you figure out what matters most to you, then build you a financial plan that gets you there.

Budgeting & Saving

Dream bigger, spend smarter. We'll crunch the numbers and show you exactly how much you should be saving with a budget that makes room for the things you love most while getting rid of the stuff you don't.

Debt Repayment

Whether it's student loans or credit card debt, we can help develop a plan to refinance (if needed) or determine which debt to pay down first. We can also help you improve your credit score.

Emergency Preparation

The right amount of emergency savings will provide you the peace of mind you deserve. Understanding the proper level of insurance (you may or may not need) can save you thousands in expenses.

Investment Education

We'll walk you through the investment landscape. Understanding different investments and how to properly evaluate returns, expenses, and tax implications will empower you to make the decision that's right for you.

Tax Planning

Understanding the complicated world of taxation will set you free from the fear of the tax-man. Once you learn all the different ways you can reduce the taxes you pay, you get excited about all the money you will save.

Retirement Plan

Let's develop a road map that will actually set you on a journey toward a retirement that you can get excited about. We can make adjustments along the way, but we will help you stay on the the path that will get you there.

Legacy Planning

Everyone wants to leave a legacy. Whether it is sending your kids to college, paying off your mortgage, or creating an inheritance for the next generation, we can develop a plan to make it happen.

Additional Benefits:

Weekly Live Financial Power Hour Webinar
Private Facebook Group
Best-Selling Books (depending on your financial focus)
Documentary Films
Complimentary Lunch & Learns
and more...

Request a complimentary, 20-minute financial wellness check up!

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Financial Wellness Program Pricing

"Your current health insurance or wellness program provider may have a budget set aside for third-party wellness initiatives," he noted. Because financial fitness programs seek to reduce employee stress, "they may be a relevant expense under an existing wellness budget."

The Individual Plan
$29.97 per month (Cancel at any time)
$294 for 12 months

This is not a "fee". This is an investment into your future, your happiness and your peace of mind. The real question is...

Can you afford not to do it?