Why Providing Financial Education Can Improve Profits

| April 13, 2021
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The OC Impact Project was created to form a network of business leaders committed to working together to make a greater impact in Orange County, California. We want to highlight business leaders in the OC area who best exemplify what it means to genuinely care about giving back in some way.

This first episode features Edward Schuh, the Founder of Inception Financial Services. He played a major role in the creation of the OC Impact Project and strives to give back by teaching educational webinars and providing free 1 on 1 coaching on financial literacy. He believes that providing financial education to the community can help reduce the number of people in America living paycheck to paycheck.

Ultimately, doing good for his community and providing education to people who need it the most but may not be able to afford it has jump-started his career in the financial services industry. He looks forward to building on the foundation and principles that paved the way for his success.

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